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Bicycle Junk Removal-Palm Beach Junk Removal and Trash Haulers

A bicycle can be your best friend when you love going outdoors and spending some time enjoying the day and just exercising a bit. Maybe you use them as a way of transportation if you’re close to all the places you need to go. However, old bikes, especially when you have several of them, can end up loading your entire space, and you don’t know what to do to bring new ones. Bicycle junk removal is possible with our team Palm Beach Junk Removal and Trash Haulers. We will take care of all the bikes you have at home or stored in other places and make sure you can have all the space for new ones or for new use.

Our bike disposal process is quite simple, and we’re confident you will find it beyond useful once we get to your property, see how many we need to take away, and make sure they’re not only disposed of properly but also recycled or donated based on their condition and if there are parts to save or some can still be used by others.

We know there is a wide variety of ways to get rid of a bicycle, but we prefer choosing those that have eco-friendliness in the process. After all, the point isn’t just to throw the bikes in a dumpster or hauling area but rather find more suitable ways to take advantage of what is being disposed of.

This is why when you contact us, we will need to know the number of bicycles you need to get rid of and if you would like us to set some apart for donations and recycling. Of course, we will always work around making sure all of them are disposed of properly and make the decision ourselves of what would be better for them. However, if you have some information about the best ones or want us to pay attention to very specific bikes while we load them into our clean and shiny truck, it is more than welcome.

What Do We Usually Do With the Bikes?

If they are in really bad shape and need to get disposed of, we will still take them to the right facilities and hauling stations so we can get rid of everything that would pollute the planet and dispose of each element accordingly.

If some of the items and parts can be saved, the recycling place will take care of them and set each piece apart so they can be reused or find another purpose for them. Donations are quite common as well, and we always focus on finding the right people—and those who need it the most—after determining if the condition of the bikes is appropriate for charity.

Thrift stores and maybe giving the bikes to others who want them is a possibility as well, and we can even help you find a repair store that can handle the process in case you want to repair it instead of just disposing of them right away.

If the bikes are too damaged, like the structure cannot be repaired, or if the tires and other elements are far from being perfect for reuse, proper disposal is performed so you won’t have to worry about us just leaving them next to a dumpster or public garbage bin.

What Types of Bikes Can We Remove?

Any type you have at home or commercial property. We know there are regular bicycles, such as road bikes, that people regularly use for basic needs. However, plastic or metal bicycle frames, mountain bikes, and even stationery and exercise bikes enter our junk removal service and support.

You can count on our team if you have a large number of bikes to get rid of regardless of the type in your hands, and if you need to handle with frames or materials and pieces that are from these items, we can still offer a hand so you can stop dealing with all the junk.

Don’t worry about this hassle and leave everything to our qualified members at Palm Beach Junk Removal and Trash Haulers, who will go to your property, provide a free estimate, and get to work if you decide to work with us and hire our services.

You can make an appointment or let us know if this is a last-minute need or task you need to get done the same day. As long as it is within our capabilities and availability, we will do our best to have our trucks and team help you right away with a call that will notify you about when we will arrive, usually 15 minutes prior.

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